Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Birthday.....

 To me.   Today is my birthday....I'm sixty-four years old. I don't feel that old....I think I'm still in my fifties...maybe even forties.
  To make it feel better...I need to think of it in terms of things I like.

                              A. 64 Doughnuts from Spunky Dunkers
                              B. 64 Sheets of Bo Bunny Double Dots Paper
                              C. 64 Memory Box Dies
                              D. 64 Bottles of  Dr. Pepper
                              E. 64 Brand new, pretty colored tee shirts
                              F. 64 Books from the library
                              G. 64 Books from Barnes & Noble
                              H. 64 Mary Engelbreit posters
                              I.  64  People signed up for my Sampler Class at CraftFancy
                              J.  64 Paper piecing projects with lots of little pieces

                              K. 64 Gallons of gas for the car (Just threw in something practical
                                     to see if you were paying attention)
                              L.  64 Songs on the radio that I pretend I know the words to
                              M. 64 Slices of French Silk pie
                              N.  64 Holidays
                              O.  64 Love birds (Maybe not all at once)
                              P.   64 Pinterest pins
                              Q.  64 Etsy sales (You gotta dream)
                              R.  64  Antique shows
                              S.  64  Craft Fairs
                              T.  64  Trade shows
                              U. 64   Birthday parties (Other peoples)
                              V. 64   Bolts of fabric
                              W.64   TJMaxx stores
                              X. 64   Giraffes 
                              Y. 64    Bunnies
                               Z.   I saved the best for last......64 Family and Friends.

       Maybe it's not so bad to be Sixty-Four! :):):)

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Marnie said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I love your list!