Friday, September 25, 2020

The September Sampler...The Witch's Halloween Party




Guests are arriving...Sam the skeleton....Winona the witch...Vlad the vampire and Gregor the ghost. The party refreshment table is ready....Creature Cake....Cackling Candy Apples....Spider Juice and Popcorn (Served by the caterer!) There are balloons to pop and pumpkins to carve....the witch is now ready for her Halloween Party.....we will all have a great time!

Papers are a combination of Doodlebug, Graphic45 and American Crafts Cardstock. The black and orange plaid is open stock from Hobby Lobby. On to next month's Sampler....the theme: Thanksgiving.

Friday, September 11, 2020

The August Sampler (A little late).....Butterflies!

    I know, I's September....but since I didn't post the August Sampler when it was supposed to be posted....I'm doing it apologies.😀

    So, better late than August Sampler. The neutral black and cream background makes the butterflies brighter and more visible.  The black lacy overlays and the bright colored papers underneath are the key to this simple Sampler. 

    Next month's Sampler will be the Halloween Sampler...."The Witch's Halloween Party"... black and orange with a huge party table, balloons, bats, popcorn and guests. It's almost done..I'll post it when it's ready....I hope that you like it!

Saturday, June 13, 2020

It's June.....time for the Fourth of July Sampler Kit

                         It's June already.....time for the Fourth of July Sampler Kit..."Hometown Fourth of July"!  Using...  Doodlebug, Authentique and Coredinations paper in blue, red and white.
                        Houses decorated for the 4th of July Parade that will be going right past.....a Patriotic Barn....Fireworks....Ice Cream...Watermelon.....all the things that make the Fourth fun!
                         Enjoy your Fourth of July....!

Friday, May 8, 2020

The April Sampler....."The Aquarium".

                          The April 2020 Sampler...."The Aquarium".  We all need something calming now...and what's more soothing than watching tiny fish swimming through a beautiful aquarium.
                           The colors used are blue, aqua and white.....perfect for showing off the multiple colors of the floating fish and sea plants.
                            Some of the papers used: Bazzill cardstock, Graphic45.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

March Color and Stash Challenge

March What's My Challenge

                 I haven't done a challenge for a while.....and this one sounded like a lot of fun. The March Color and Stash Challenge at  Scrap Our Stash  .  Here's my layout....
                 The colors of the papers from a kit from The Scraproom were absolutely perfect for this Challenge Layout.  Following the instructions of the challenge....using embellishments from my stash for each letter of my first name was a little trickier but a lot of fun.
                                                       D   -    I Love Spring Die Cuts
                                                       I    -     Inked Edges.
                                                       A    -    Acrylic pieces.
                                                       N    -   Numbers in the date. 
                                                       N    -   Nuvo Drops.
                                                       E    -    Enamel Dots.
                  Thank you for checking out my new layout.....I enjoyed it...I hope you did too!

March Sampler 2020

                The March Sampler Class was postponed because of the Coronavirus outbreak.....but I'd love to show the Sampler to you.  The theme is "The Spring Garden Center". It features a plant stand at it's center with Spring flowers in pots.....a topiary....and flats of seedlings, tulips and daffodils. There is a sign advertising "Spring Plants"....a wheelbarrow with a rake and a bag of "Grow" plant food. The bottom row has a watering can, a box of pansies and a purple tulip with gardening tools. A pair of birds have landed on the Garden on the sign...the other is checking out the pansies. 
                 The paper for the March Sampler is from the Hip Hop Hooray line from Simple Stories.
                 The March Sampler Class was postponed until April 21st......I'm not sure if it will actually
 take place; but I'll keep watching the news reports, and let you all know if the class goes on or is cancelled. If it is cancelled again...I won't reschedule...but all the kits will be sent out.

                  Thank you for checking out the March Sampler!

Thursday, December 5, 2019

November 2019 Sampler- Penguins Christmas Shopping.....

 The 2019 November Sampler Class is traditionally the class that we do a Christmas themed Sampler.
This year the Sampler is " The Penguins Go Christmas Shopping".    They're heading up the elevator at the North Pole Mall to see Santa. On the way they stop at the gift wrap department, the candy department, the toy department and just a stop to rest with their packages before getting in line to visit with Santa. Merry Christmas!

Thursday, October 24, 2019

October 2019 Sampler "TheFarmStand"

                                       This month's Sampler class theme was "The Farm Stand". Who doesn't  enjoy all the great, fresh items at a country roadside farm stand? Apples and apple picking, pumpkins and pumpkin patches, apple cider, corn stalks and all the wonderful Fall colors on the trees!

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The September 2019 Sampler....Theme:The Witch's Night Out..

   This month's Sampler Theme is "The Witch's Night Out.  She has an invitation to an All Hallow's Eve Ball and a rose sent by a romantic stranger. Her gown, shoes and purse are ready to go and she's looking forward to a magical evening of dancing and champagne.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

August 2019 Sampler Theme....The Bake Shop.

   The Sampler Theme for August 2019......The Bake Shop......cakes, breads, cookies,
petit fours and macarons.....all in the tiny little neighborhood shop.

July 2019 Sampler Theme.....The Chicken Coop!

 The Sampler Theme for July 2019..........The Chicken Coop.  Chickens, roosters, eggs, carton and of course....the Chicken Coop itself.

The September Sampler...The Witch's Halloween Party

                                                              Guests are arriving...Sam the skeleton....Winona the witch...Vlad the vampire ...