Sunday, September 29, 2013

One Year................

        It's been one year since Jim died.  I used to measure the year like everyone else.....from January to December. Now I measure it from September 29 to the next September 29. The same amount of time in both measurings, but a world of difference to me.
       Some of this year went by so quickly that it made my head spin. Some of this year went by so slowly that I thought it would never end. I'm not sure which was worse.
       Jennifer and I went to the cemetery today. We brought some purple flowers (Jim's favorite color).... and a tiny pumpkin to celebrate the coming Halloween. We sat in the sunshine and talked...we remembered things, laughed at some things we remembered and we cried a little too.
       I've still got so many things to ask him, and so many things to tell him. I guess I still can do those's just not the same without his response. I miss him.....a lot.

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Mary said...

Hugs, Dianne.