Saturday, November 2, 2013


 Have you ever used a modern convenience that didn't work well?  Like those hooks that are not supposed to damage your wall and paint and plaster? Do they work for you? I've used them several times, following the directions just as they said......did it work?  NO! And this time I'm aggravated .
I wanted to hang a bat from the ceiling above my fireplace mantle for Halloween. So I cleaned off the ceiling as the directions said, stuck the hook and hung my bat. I loved it.  However, Halloween is now over and the bat can't stay there forever, so I took him down and then pulled the little thingy on the hook gently but firmly......and pulled a small chunk out of my ceiling. I can't tell you what I's not very nice.  Accurate...but not nice. Let me know if you use those hooks and they work...maybe I'm an idiot and it's user error.....:(

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