Monday, September 23, 2013

The Witch's Tea Sampler at Craft Fancy....

I'm done with the Sampler Class for September....the theme was Halloween, "The Witches' Tea". I believe that I cut 39 kits...maybe 40....all done in white and black spider web paper, and trimmed in purple and black.

 I've been seeing little silver candelabra with black candles in my sleep...along with tiny purple cakes decorated with silver dots and a shiny black spider. There are also bottles of "Witch Water" and "Vampire Blood"....because, of course, you need a variety of yummy things to serve at a Tea Party thrown by Witches.  And don't forget the black hat trimmed with purple tulle...every witch needs to be properly dressed at a Tea.

 Right in the center of the Sampler is the invitation to the Witches' Tea. The invitation is cream colored, matted with purple, black and a shiny black oval Tiffany frame. It says,   

                                        "On All Hallow's Eve
                                      At the stroke of midnight
                                     Your presence is required
                                         At the Witches' Tea.
                                      There will be ample
                                          broom parking.

 You must have an invitation to attend the tea, after all, you can't just crash a just isn't might be turned into a toad. (Did you notice the "Required" in the invitation...if a Witch wants you at her Tea better be there!)

PS I'll post a photo of the Sampler,  as soon as I get my camera and card to work.

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