Saturday, November 3, 2007

Better News.....

The news is better today....Jim is doing better than he has been. The fluid coming from around his lungs is slowing down...which eases his breathing. He still has a blocked intestine...but they are seriously working on that...(I won't go into detail)...once that passes he should be feeling even better. He's still on oxygen, and connected to machines that beep and ring at every given opportunity.
Yesterday I mentioned that I wasn't sure if his lung specialist knew that Jim was in the hospital. After a marathon calling session (After which I just sat and waited at home for the doctor to call me) turns out that the Lung doctors had no idea that he was two floors down from them all week......all of the reports were going into Jim's file....but no one was reading the file. The surgeon was handling everything to do with Jim...and doing a really good job. I didn't question the absence of the other doctor...I just thought it was odd. Now everyone involved knows he's there....I feel better.
The only really bad thing that happened yesterday was that my know...the one that just got a brand new engine?.....started smoking just as I got to the more thing on the list.

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