Friday, November 2, 2007

Jim's Still In The Hospital....

He has a blocked intestine because of the drugs they've given him....he's in pain and unhappy...but he's hanging in there. When he got up this morning...he had trouble breathing...all the bells and whistles went off in his room. Everyone came running...but he was okay in a couple of minutes.
I'm still at home because I'm waiting for his Pulmonary doctor to call with results of the biopsy that they did on Friday. The whole time that Jim has been in the hospital...the surgeon has been in charge....he's doing a very good job but I wondered why we haven't seen the Pulmonary doctor.(There have been a busload of doctors in to see him...but not his own Pulmonary Specialist) Yesterday when his associate called our house she left a message asking to talk to it possible that they don't know he's in the hospital that's a few floors down from their office? I tried calling their office today...and got caught in a huge round of answering machines...even when I (twice) got a live person to talk to me. Doesn't anyone have real people answering phones anymore?
Happy Anniversary Jim!!!!

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justjohanna said...

Sigh. Sounds really frustrating.