Monday, November 5, 2007

Finally...Good News!!!

Today they took the tube out from Jim's's not draining anymore. And...they're giving him oral antiobiotics instead of the IV. The oxygen has to stay for a while to make sure he gets enough oxygen as he breathes...even when he goes home...but the doctor said that they'll slowly wean him off of that too. He's been walking with the oxygen attached to a walker with a seat so that if he gets tired...he can just sit down on it. Four times yesterday he took a walk around the entire hospital floor...he was really tired...but it was good for him. The surgeon said that Jim can probably go home on Wednesday......I'm thrilled but terrified. Once they get him well enough from this biopsy...they have to start working on what they learned from it that was making him sick to begin with. He still has a microorganism .....he has Bronciectasis...and now they learned that somehow he's aspirating tiny food particles into his lung. So now we have to schedule a visit with a Gastroenerologist to check his stomach. But at least he's coming home.....and I'm happy but still scared silly.