Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Living Room

   My living room...with sliding glass doors and another window overlooking the air conditioner,  my patio, two forsythia bushes, the neighbors across the way and the pond. I was so happy when I thought of having a  fireplace again...I love the warm feel of them. When the inspector came to check the house...he checked the fireplace. He turned on the gas starter, stood there and talked to me for a second and then bent down with the lighter to start it. Whooooossshh.... I think he waited too long. We were all lucky not to be barbecued on the spot. No one was hurt...but I'm thinking twice about ever starting the fireplace again. At least without the fire department waiting out in front.
   The railing at the bottom of the photo is at the entrance of the house. There's a tile entry at the front door which leads to two steps down for the living room and to the left...two steps down to the dining room. The room looks small in the photo...but I have an 89 inch sofa, two end tables, a sofa table with the television on it, a small cabinet in the corner and my grandfather clock....and it doesn't feel crowded at all. I'm looking for white shelving units for the back wall...they'll hold my television and give me extra storage...and I'm looking for a rug....and maybe a new couch....and either art for over the fireplace or a mirror. But that's all.....:)

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