Saturday, January 5, 2013

How The Vanilla Turned Out......


A while ago I showed you the start of my homemade vanilla....I started it on August is a photo of how it turned out before I put ribbon and tags on it and gave it as Christmas gifts.You can see the actual jars (With the old vanilla beans) that I made it in, behind the full bottles. I took all the used vanilla beans, put them into a jar, added more vodka and started a new batch of vanilla. It's an addiction. :)
I made the vanilla from two different kinds of vanilla beans....Mexican and Madagascar Beans. I think that I prefer the Mexican because it's a softer, slightly sweeter scent. I haven't baked with it yet and I haven't heard if anyone has tried it and liked it yet....but I'm hoping it turned out well. It smells great!

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Godelieve said...

Must be delicious!