Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just A Little Bit More Easter...

We usually have an Easter Egg hunt for my grandaughters every year...and yes they're not little bitty girls anymore...but if I would still like to go hunting for eggs...and I would...I think that just maybe they will too. (I did ask Jennifer if they still wanted to...just to be sure :) ) Anyway,
last week's egg hunt was cancelled because of several the annual egg hunt will be this Sunday in my backyard. Let's hope that we don't have tornadoes, 100 degree heat or snow on that day. Let's face it...we live in the Chicago area...and in April we could any of those or several other mixed versions of weather. Here are three photos of one chilly Easter egg hunt about two years ago: One shows you what the well dressed egg hunter (Andrea) wears in the snow. Another shows a wooden Easter Bunny on a sled in the middle of the yard full of snow. And one more shows me...uh...gracefully hanging eggs on the crabapple tree in my backyard. I was trying not to make too many footprints in the fresh snow. (Didn't want to ruin the photo opportunities)