Saturday, March 6, 2010

Great Gift Card Holders!

Today at Craft Fancy was my class called "Great Gift Card Holders"....small paper wallets to hold a gift card for special occasions. We did four of them in the two hour class...each of them very finely detailed....a bunny sitting in a pile of Easter eggs...a tree hung with Easter eggs...a small chicken sitting on a huge egg...and the last one was a wedding gift card holder with a flowered and glittered wedding cake. Despite the number of tiny pieces involved in each card...I think that everyone in the class had fun and they did a wonderful job on the cards. Here are two of the gift card holders that we made. I'll show the other two tomorrow. (Of computer is actually working right maybe I'll show the other two cards later tonight!)


Anonymous said...

cute stuff thanks for posting

A granny of 12. Cheaper by the dozen....LOL not really.

What town in Illinois are you from?
Many years ago we lived there.

Kathi said...

Oh my! Those are the cutest cards ever! Wow!