Monday, March 1, 2010

Bunnies...Lots of Bunnies!

It's no secret that I like rabbits....I own one (Or rather, she owns me). I guess, because I like them so much...I buy a lot of rabbit stuff. I have one t-shirt with a rabbit on the front that's been loved to's so old and fragile...I can't wear it anymore...I'm afraid it will fall apart. Over the years, I've been given straw rabbits, china rabbits, glass rabbits, stuffed rabbits (Toys, not real ones), rabbit shaped cookies, rabbit shaped pasta and last week Marnie bought me some rabbit shaped cheese crackers and pretzel mix (I haven't eaten the crackers yet, but the pretzel mix was really good!'s kind of natural that when the Easter season comes's the perfect time for me to start making things featuring rabbits. Here's the first of so many rabbits.....:)

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Belinda said...

Adorable bunny tags!