Saturday, July 18, 2009

Are You A Fabric..aholic?

I am...I've always been a fabric hoarder. It's just like being a scrapbooking paper hoarder...only slightly softer. My scraproom has drawers and rubbermaid containers full of fabric.....Sigh...Lovely!

Today I found a site that lets you choose fabrics to look at by color.........then you can go to the Etsy shop and buy it. Even if you're not looking to's beautiful to see the fabrics in all their color ranges....I think this site would be good just to get ideas for color combinations and patterns for scrapbooking pages and cards.

Take a look at some of the color choices.....see what you think...let me know...I'll be sorting through my fabric stash. (And then paper stash...I'm equally in love with both!)


Belinda said...

Oh fun site! I'm starting to become a fabricaholic! Thanks for feeding the obsession!

Debbie, said...

mmmm I LOVE fabric, too. I love to touch, touch, touch it. Then I pack it away and never use it.

Going to the Long Beach quilt show this weekend and looking forward to MORE FABRIC!

jen said...

What a cool site! Some of the bars of color reminded me of old doodlebug or making memories paper!