Saturday, October 27, 2007

Today Is A Much Better Day..........

About a week ago...I posted that my husband was having a lung biopsy on October 26th. That was's all over and he's doing fairly well. I am also calming down. At first they wanted to send him home in the afternoon....but changed their minds after I had my hissy fit in the recovery room.....for pity sakes....the man could hardly move....he had a tube in his lung and one down his throat. He had wires and machines connected to him......and they were going to send him home???? How were we going to get him up the 14 steps to the bedroom? What if his pain got a lot worse? What if his lung collapsed? What if he had trouble breathing? What if
"I" hyperventilated in terror and stopped breathing?...(You now get the picture of my reaction to yesterday). By four o'clock they did decide to keep him in the hospital(Although...maybe they should have kept me and sent him home) and I'm eternally grateful. In hindsight....I can see that he improved every hour after his biopsy...but seeing him in that recovery room just threw me completely. I have Jennifer to thank for sitting with me all day and making me laugh and keeping me from climbing the walls....I love you Jen. And thank you Marnie , Randi and Paula for listening to me and talking to me until I was human again.
Jim should be coming home today.....and I'm really happy about it! Now we just have to wait for biopsy results!

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Claudette said...

Our prayers are with you and your family.