Tuesday, March 20, 2007

3..Count 'Em....3 Pages That I Like!

These are the layouts that I uploaded to PubCalls for the Queen & Company contest....none of them won...but I'm starting to like entering contests like these....even if I don't win...I wind up with some good (Well..to me!) layouts. It's a win-win situation and moves me to get working. Am I disappointed that I didn't get chosen by Queen & Company? Sure...but if I keep trying...maybe I'll get better at it. If I get better at it...maybe someone will choose me. (I sound like Grey's Anatomy "Pick me...Choose me...Love me!)


Paula said...

I LOVE all these layouts. Queen & Co. doesn't know what they are missing out on!!

Marnie said...

These are FAB layouts and so much prettier IRL the scan just doesn't do them justice! Bummer!

Rita said...

WOW Dianne -- I love these layouts! They are all so gorgeous! The one on the bottom is my fave -- you do such clean, beautiful work!