Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I Need An Ark....Drip...Drip...Drip

Drip...drip...drip It's raining and will continue to rain off and on for a couple of days. The ceiling in the living room window seat is leaking...I've got four huge bowls there collecting the rain. We had a bad leak there years ago...called in roofers to check it out...but were never completely sure that it was I's not. Add to that..Jim is not a whole lot better after getting what we think is the flu, but could be a reaaction to the new drug they gave him....and there is a dead "Whatever" in the wall in our closet (Yes..again!) You now have the beginning of my day.
Yesterday, I was so pleased with myself. I got so many things done that needed to get done. Three trips to pharmacies for Jim's and my Mother's prescriptions; grocery shopping, laundry, our bank ; my Mother's bank to deposit her check; started to try to put the driveway back together after the village plow plowed the whole end of it up during the last couple of snowstorms,but after shoveling the loose, plowed up blacktop back in, there still wasn't enough to fill in the holes; started cleaning up the garden; went to the Post Office to mail stuff that should have been mailed a week ago...I got a lot done and went to bed very pleased. And then I woke up this morning......I should have stayed in bed....and it's only 11:09 am. (Hmm...even my clock must be wrong...the time on my blog clock is different)
Calgon take me away....or where did I put the bag of Fireballs? Drip...drip...drip!

PS...Marnie...did you notice that I didn't say "Where's the Ice Cream??"

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