Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Much Better Day...

Today was much better....Andie, as it tuns out, does not have Scarlet Fever. She also doesn't have strep....just the flu...which is bad enough for such a little one.
I've been working on some layouts for the Queen & Co. contest.....I thought they turned out very well...until I looked at some of the layouts in the Q&C Design Team Gallery....they have some seriously wonderful talent in's intimidating but so exciting to look through. made me feel that I may have to work a lot harder with my layouts to get them to look the way I'd like them to. One that I'm doing now has unusual coloring in it...kind of a mustard yellow gold and pink with highlights of green and blue. When I started was late at night...and I thought the colors looked great together. This morning though....the colors didn't look quite as I changed them. Maybe I should have left them the way they were...and only looked at them at night!

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