Thursday, February 18, 2021

February 2021 Sampler - My Front Porch


The February Sampler for 2021....Theme: My Front Porch.  My real front porch looks nothing like this one, but I really wish it did. I'd love to have a wide porch swing with puffy cushions, a quilt hanging on the railing, big plants, and a tea table set up for afternoon tea with friends. What a lovely dream!

Monday, February 15, 2021

2021 - 25 Layouts In A Year # 9


Andie played the clarinet for the Lake Zurich High School Marching Band. In the summer there was a Band Camp for a number of marching bands at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin. This was a photo of the entire group marching on the field. It always amazed me how they took separate groups and brought them together...marching and playing only a few days.

2021 - 25 Layouts In A Year - # 8


Darby made elephant ears in class at preschool. When Hayley picked her up...she modeled her new ears for a photo in the car. Lots of Doodlebug on this layout...with a bit of Lawn Fawn thrown in too.

2021 - 25 Layouts In A Year - Layout # 7

 Marnie suggested the challenge for this layout......Scrap lift one of the layouts from the last page of your own gallery on Scrapbook.Com. I chose a layout from a long time ago that was originally done by Kelli Crowe....lots of little mismatched shapes blended together to make a background. The photo is of Andie...who was a bee for Halloween in 2011.

2021 - 25 Layouts In A Year - Layout 6


For Halloween, I sent my grandchildren handheld light up ghosts. I really should have bought one for myself....I loved the colors and flashing lights. While this layout didn't photograph particularly well...there's a lot of glare from the Bazzill glazed paper, the title and the photo....I still think it's fun!

2021 - 25 Layouts in a Year - Layout 5

 Jennifer always plans some form of art or craft project for almost all holidays....for Halloween this year she bought foam pumpkins for all of us to paint. I had a lot of photos of Andie, Morgan, and Jennifer painting the pumpkins, so I made two pockets on my layout....tucked the extra photos in them and protected them with swing out oversized kraft tags with photos on the front of them. My journaling is on the pockets. I love Jennifer's projects!

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Layout 4: A Gnome For The Holidays



              On Christmas Eve, Jennifer brought me an adorable little gnome made of evergreens. He had a hat, mittens and a big puffy nose......I loved him! I thought that the phrase "A Gnome For The Holidays" worked perfectly with the photo. Some die cut evergreens, hanging lights and stitching around the mat finished the layout off.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

2021 Layout Challenge Layout #3


 I was really pleased with this layout of Morgan (Maybe not so much with the crooked photo) opening the gift of the hat that she wanted for Christmas. I sewed around acetate squares with a tiny wooden tree inside and stitched a small pocket with a note for journaling. The silver polka dotted Thicker letters gave the layout a great sparkle.

January 2021 Sampler Theme - "Tweethearts"

 The theme for the first Sampler in 2021 is "Tweethearts".....lots of birdies, birdhouses, cages and hearts.

Colors: Black, white, red and kraft

Paper used: Doodlebug, DCWV,  Bazzill  

2021 Layout Challenge-First Layout!

                      My first layout for the 2021......25 Layouts in a year challenge! Morgan graduated from Illinois State University in May of 2020. There was no formal graduation because of the Covid19 Pandemic, but the graduates were allowed back on campus(Each at a specified time )to take graduation photos with no contact with anyone.  I used two 4x6 photos and four 2x2 photos...the journaling is under the flap of the second 2x2 photo.

Friday, January 8, 2021

Welcome to 2021!

      The one phrase I kept hearing during 2020 was....I can't wait for 2021. Well, it's here. Unfortunately, there won't be any miracles happening in an instant to make things better.....but there are so many possibilities to dream and think 2021!

       I used to make New Year Resolutions every year...they were never very long lived. Marnie mentioned that a friend of hers suggested making goals for the New Year instead of resolutions...that sounds so much more doable and kind of fun too....especially when applied to scrapbooking and paper I'm in!

       The 2021 Goal/ create 25 Layouts in 12's going to be a great year!  

        I also want to....

                 1.Finish my 2020 December Daily (Before the 2021 December Daily comes out!)


                 2. Keep my Planner up-to-date...because I sometimes forget to use my planner a couple of                           weeks here and there and it really is so much easier to have all your daily plans                                         and information in one place.

                 3. Have all my scrapbooking supplies at least moderately organized, now I'm not expecting miracles, but if I can find something that I'm looking for...Yay!

February 2021 Sampler - My Front Porch

  The February Sampler for 2021....Theme: My Front Porch.  My real front porch looks nothing like this one, but I really wish it did. I'...