Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The May 2016 Sampler....For Coffee Lovers

  The theme for the May Sampler Class is "Coffee"....for all the coffee lovers I know. The color theme is brown, turquoise and coral; with small accents of silver. The sentiment in the center, decorating a huge coffee cup says "You are the cream in my Coffee". Some of the mini icons are: a coffee grinder, Irish coffee with whipped cream, an Enamelware camping coffee pot and mug, a French Press pot and a full coffee cup seen from above and decorated with a cream swirl. Makes you want to run to Starbucks.........

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Kathy said...

Hi Dianne.
I've just had a lovely time scrolling through your more recent blog posts - all gorgeous as ever. I'm leaving my comment on this one though -0 because it's my favourite - I love all the little details and the fab design LO