Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Calvinball March 2016

                     First time for a lot of things....trying the Calvinball 2016 Challenge  and my "Happy" layout for it.  I love my layout, but embracing the white space is not something I'm good at. I keep wanting to add one more thing and then I run out of white space....maybe I need bigger paper.


Audrey Hannaford said...

I am doing Calvinball for the first time too! I love your layout. I think white space is hard to get used to doing. You did a great job!

Maribeth Robison said...

Love you layout, posted comments on the CalvinBall gallery. But this is just an absolutely fabulous page. See you around CalvinBall.

Tina Campbell said...

OMgosh such a cute layout :) Have fun with Calvinball :)