Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Tale of Two Trees............

  Right after Thanksgiving, I found a beautiful Black Hills Pine tree for sale outside at the grocery store.  After looking at it for three days....I bought it and brought it home. I loved it....the shape and size were perfect and after fighting with it for a fit into the basket. Then the needles started falling....and falling...and falling. Now, I know that real trees shed needles, but this was excessive. It sounded like a waterfall when I walked past it and I was afraid to put lights on it because I didn't want a bald tree. I's just for Christmas...and it's beautiful. That lasted for a week....then I went to Target, bought a fake tree and toted the real one outside to look pretty for the neighbors. The new tree isn't shaped as beautifully as the real one....they don't make fake trees with that great shape....but it will work for now.( I have to find a new basket for this tree, the other one is too high.)
   I stuck the real tree in the ground right outside my front door and left the snowflakes on it...where I can see it every day...and where it's confusing the heck out of the squirrels. They stalk the tree and knock it down every chance they get.:)

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