Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I Have New Windows...or...A New Outlook On Life!

    My new windows came! No more pushing the loft window back into it's frame at night before I go to bed. No worrying that a wind storm will push the window inside. No more hearing outside conversations that sound like they're inside my house.
     It took the workmen from Illinois Energy 8-9 hours to install my 6 windows and the sliding glass patio doors....they were wonderful.  When they left at the end of the day I was excited to try cleaning the windows (That was probably the first time you've ever heard that from me)..so I remembered the installers instructions, carefully unlocked the window, opened it about 5-6 inches, released the latch...and tilted the window down. I cleaned the bottom window.... then cleaned the top window(You have to have the bottom window open to open the top window) and closed it. When I went to close the bottom window....it came out of the left side window frame. Sigh....the windows were in for an hour and I've already messed them up. I couldn't let it hang down because I was afraid it would fall off....so I pushed it into the frame. Then it wouldn't close.  I looked at it for a while and then called the company.  After a little phone tag....I talked to the owner who tried to tell me over the phone how to fix the window...then he gave up (I was not taking instruction well) and came to my house (A 45 minute trip), fixed the window, took pictures of my new windows and doors and generally calmed me down. He's a very nice man.
     The next day I cleaned the rest of the windows with no problem. Then I realized that I needed window coverings.( I don't generally streak through my house, but you never know. )  I remembered that my real estate agent, Linda told me about paper shades as temporary window coverings.    After a trip to Home Depot, I bought a pack of 6 paper pleated window shades that stick to the window frame. Yes, yes, I know...but I was optimistic.
I put them up that evening...they looked good...perfect for a month or two (Or 12) until I figure out what I want on the windows.  In about two hours,  most of them were on the floor....so I went in search of thumbtacks. No one sells thumbtacks any more. I had to buy pushpins...I guess they're the new thumbtack.  At least I got a package that had all colors of pushpins...I used all the white ones to hold up the shades. Now I need a bulletin board to use the other colors....but I have pretty windows!

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