Monday, April 4, 2011

The Camera Shows EVERYTHING!

Yep...........these bunnies are purple......and they're made of walnuts. I uploaded them into my Etsy shop a while ago...and was pleased with the photo that I'd taken. I thought that they looked cute. Until I actually looked closer....somehow I'd left a large glob (An unscientific word...but it works) of glue stuck on the back of the bunny on the right. There are more globs of glue on the bunnies...but we won't go into that right now...we'll just deal with the big one. I wonder what people will think.....that I'm a sloppy crafter? That my purple bunny is a slob?

Will he be shunned by the other walnut bunnies?

Will I be tossed out of Etsy for glue negligence? Sigh....the shame of it all......


Marnie said...

ooooh these are super cute!

Peggy said...

Oh Diane, you brought me such a giggle with this post. I hope those Etsy folks know that glue globs are just a part of crafting. Creativity is rarely neat and tidy!
Love ya! Miss ya!

Susan said...

personally I think gooby purple walnut rabbits will be ALL the rage this year!!

so glad to see your smiling face! I think about you often and miss you like heck!