Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Treasury" on Etsy....

Etsy has a feature called "The Treasury"....you choose 12 of your favorite items from the thousands in all the Etsy stores...put them together...give your treasury a name and post it for everyone to see and admire. It's fun and it's habit forming! You can choose a theme...any theme...Merry Go Rounds...Rabbits...Travel...Socks...Rocks. No matter what you choose; when you go through Etsy's stores you'll find something to illustrate your theme. Not that making a Treasury is without frustration...everyone and their brother loves to create these little collections...so you have to be ready when it's time to make yours.
At any given time, the Treasury has hundreds of small collections going...they all have almost the same amount of time to be seen...usually about 2 days...sometimes a bit longer. As each little treasury runs through it's time...it's deleted. When the numbers go below 333...new treasuries can be added. That's when the fun starts..:) You have to be waiting at your computer to watch when the numbers go below 333...and so are over 600-700 other people...you have to be quick and type in your treasury title when the number hits 332 or you won't get your treasury seen. Can I tell you how frustrating that is? When you've watched and waited for the treasuries to open up (Sometimes for a few hours) and then miss it because you looked away or daydreamed? The daydream part is definitely me...I was somewhere pleasant in my mind and then realized that the treasury opening was long gone...sigh. Better luck next time.
But that's the fun of it...there always is a "Next time". I have gotten several Treasuries...and loved every one. It's my group of beautiful, funny, sentimental or odd things specially chosen by me...all the things that I love. Here's a link to my latest treasury I called it "Lickin' Lemons"... this time it was in Treasury West...I'm not sure what the difference is between Treasury and Treasury West...but I'm in it.
If you do go to Etsy's Treasurys...take a look at all of them...I think you'll have fun browsing through them.


The Gang said...

OOOH I can post this here and it will stay forever!!!

!!!WHAT A LEMON!!!!! HA!

For those not in on the inside joke I'm just teasing! I'm really not that mean...........to Dianne!

Dianne said...

She's not mean at all... to anyone!