Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Easter Will Be Here Before You Know It...

There is a lot to plan for when Easter comes...Church services, Easter outfits, new shoes, Spring cleaning, planning Easter dinner and an egg hunt. Then there's the really important stuff...buying the Easter candy. Peeps, chocolate bunnies, chocolate covered marshmallow rabbits, jelly beans, bubble gum eggs...and of course who can forget the little plastic chicken that poops out jelly beans or gum. My dentist adores Easter....I believe it's one of the holidays that personally put his kids through college.

I buy the Easter candy early so that I can get exactly what I want. However...since most of the candy is gone by the time I have to make baskets...I'm not sure that I'm being very efficient.

You understand...the dialogue goes something like this..." I can't imagine where that last chocolate marshmallow rabbit went...it was there yesterday...right next to the jelly bean gumballs...oh..those are gone too! "

I think that I better stick to Easter cards...at least they don't make me gain weight. Here's one for today...I'll post one or two Easter things every day or so until Easter.


Lisa Graves said...

So pretty! I love the stitching.

Kathi said...

Gorgeous. I love the lacy touch and the stitching.

But truth be told, I love everything you make.

Lyn S said...

Lovely Diane! Great use of the punches and pretty paper!