Thursday, October 16, 2008

For Today...a Halloween Layout...

I know that I promised to post a Halloween card each day......but today I'm posting a layout. It's not a new layout...but perfect for the season.

I wanted a photo of my rabbit (Her name is Piper) with the witch's hat that I found....but I knew
that she wouldn't just sit with the hat on. My husband and I decided to wait until Piper was out of her cage and running around to take the picture. When she was tired from dashing around the house....Jim caught her and held her with the witch's hat on her head. I laid on the floor and took the photo of her. It worked well except for the slightly disgusted look on Piper's face (In the small photo)...I don't think she liked being hoodwinked by us.

1 comment:

Kathi said...

ROFL @ that photo. Poor Piper. Her dignity was ruffled.

I tried to put hats on the cats and they ripped 'em off. So I found some images and photoshopped 'em.