Saturday, August 16, 2008

August Is Birthday Month......

August is birthday month in our family. My granddaughter Morgan's birthday is August 1st, her dad ,Eric, has his birthday on August 2nd. My neighbor Henry's birthday is August 14th. My son Matthew's birthday is August 15th. My daughter Jennifer's birthday is August 17th. Marnie's birthday is August's a long, wonderful list of candles, cakes and singing Happy Birthday.
So........... a very Happy Birthday to all of you that I love...I hope you have a wonderful celebration this month!


hati.tisu said...

hye ^^

nice blog u have here..

Rina said...

August is a special month for you!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your family:)

Vickie said...

This is precious!!!!

Thanh said...

Have a happy birthday month of celebrating!! :)

(Its also my bday too this month)