Friday, May 9, 2008

Daisy D's "Wonder Years"......

Every once in a while I make a card that just cracks me up. It may not be funny to anyone else....but I grin each time I look at it. This is one of those cards.

I used the Daisy D's "Wonder Years" paper on it...and the justjohanna Chubby Cow Left. I love that cow....I gave her wings and turned her into an angel.


Heather Grow said...

It's very cute. I do that too-laugh at my own cards.

Rita said...

LOL -- I can TOTALLY see why this card makes you grin. That cow with the little "moo" -- and angel wings to boot -- so entirely cute!

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Marnie said...


Kathi Rerek said...

This cracked me up the second the page loaded. ROFL.

I love it!

If someone had told me that that cow would become a favorite of mine, I wouldn't have believed it. But she has.

Your card just reinforces that!