Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cards Don't Always Turn Out The Way You'd Expect........

The Father's Day card was done for this week's Weekly Feature at Linnecards....Buttons . I don't think the man's sweater turned out exactly the way I'd imagined. (The sweater wound up looking like it was for a man with skinny arms and very broad shoulders.)

The "Cow Jumped Over the Moon" card was done for justjohanna for the April Sketch...the cow(Chubby Cow Left from justjohanna) looks slightly surprised that she was jumping over the moon...... :) I guess that I'd be a little surprised too... if it were me jumping over the moon.
It just shows you that sometimes cards don't turn out the way you're thinking about doesn't make them bad...just different!


Marnie said...

OOOH look at that cow he cracks me up! And I love that sweater!

Rita said...

Nothing ever comes out like the picture in my head for me. I just have to wing it and go with the flow! :)

How ARE you? I miss you and Marnie! I think I see you have card kits now???? How awesome -- congrats! I will be back to catch up on your blog a bit more as soon as I can!!!

Kathi Rerek said...

They're great.

I do love the cow jumping over the moon. I was waiting for her to do just that!