Thursday, January 3, 2008

I Know That Christmas Is Over...But........

Since I'm finally coming out of my after Christmas coma......I've realized that I didn't post much about my holidays. And before I wish you a Happy New Year....I better get the remainder of Christmas out of my tree is still up and lit and will be for a couple more days...I love curling up on the couch and falling asleep watching the lights.
Now I know that the first two photos don't look very Christmasy...but they're from Andrea's eighth birthday party (Her birthday is on December 19) at an indoor water park...what an amazing place...I wish I were eight years old again. The third photo is my Christmas Decorations Assistant...don't laugh...she's very good at undoing the knots in the light strings. The fourth photo is a couple of the packages of my cookies all wrapped for Marnie's Cookie exchange and the fifth photo is Morgan trying on her new jacket and hat that she got for Christmas. (If I'm not mistaken...she was wearing new roller skates at the time, too. )

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Marnie said...

Oh how nice are these pics! Piper is way too cute with the lights!