Sunday, November 18, 2007

November is Going By So Fast.....

It's already mid November.....everything is going by way too fast. Doctor's appointments, checkups, thinking that I was going to Hobby Lobby with Marnie...and going to Baker's Square to celebrate my birthday with Ana and Renee instead..(A very nice surprise!) Thanksgiving grocery shopping, making cards, gift card holders(In the photos) and small items(Candy Cane Seeds , Reindeer Food and chocolate covered pretzels) for Paula's open house, cleaning up after making Reindeer Food and Candy Cane Seeds ...I have crushed peppermint candy, garland and glitter,chocolate and oatmeal everywhere...I don't know how Santa's elves keep anything clean. Paula's Open House....Tastefully Simple goodies, jewelry,MaryKay cosmetics,Candles , Usbourne Books and Marnie and my cards and pretty things...Marnie had wonderful cards, Turkey and Snowman Poop and so many beautiful items. Saturday I had a miserable headache and was supposed to clean up the creative mess that I'd made...but instead I went with Jennifer to meet the ladies at her school that scrapbook together in the Church/school hall. Very nice women, wonderful food... I didn't have time to get stuff ready to do any layouts,but I did get some cards done for justjohanna (They turned out cute but I can't post them yet.. I will soon)
Jennifer brought some gingerbread bagels with hazelnut cream cheese to spread on them....can I just say that I've found a new favorite food? They'd be great for Thanksgiving breakfast...I think a visit to Panerra is in order very soon....right after I finish Thanksgiving grocery shopping...there are things I've forgotten at the store.


Marnie said...

Love love your stuff here! You'll get it all cleaned up and be even more inspired than ever!

Anonymous said...

All of your cards are STUNNING! They are PERFECT!!