Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Yesterday they put the tube into Jim's lung to drain out the excess accumulation....before they even left the surgical room over a liter had drained out. It went on all day...I can't remember the exact amount...but they seemed amazed at what came out. After that...he got more stuff cleared out of his lungs with help from the respiratory therapists....and he said that he felt a little better. When I got there...he was feeling fairly good and wanted to get cleaned up and we did that. He still didn't eat much...but they gave him a lot of liquids because he was dehydrated. He finally fell asleep while we were watching "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown".....and all the nurses were tiptoeing around him. I left him a note for when he woke up.
Today he woke up nauseated again and after looking at the CT scan they thought that they were going to do another procedure on him to put a larger tube in his lung...the smaller one that they put in yesterday was clogged....then they changed their minds and just injected something to break up the clots. The doctor also was concerned at the color of the stuff coming out of his was bright red. And...his intestines are kind of blocked up so they're working on that too. Now they want him walking more to get everything going...we tried it yesterday...but he only got a quarter of the way around the floor...maybe it will be better today.
Since it's Halloween....I'm going to bring him a plastic pumpkin with one of those fake candles that look real....he needs something "Halloweenish" in his room.

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Paula said...

Know that all the entire Swansons/ Horwitz family is praying for you and Jim! I hope you were able to have a Happy Birthday in spite of everything going on and we hope that Jim is feeling better and home soon!