Friday, September 7, 2007

Itch Mites!

A recent post in my friend Susan's blog was about the itching and welts that nothing seems to help. Here in Illinois...we've been getting reports on the news about this with increasing seems that we've been getting bitten by " Itch Mites". They can't fly...but live in Oak trees and drift in the wind until they bump into you...once they've met you...they bite you (Not exactly a way to make friends and influence people!) Once you've been get welts and it itches for days...and not much helps it until it goes away by itself. One of my daughter's little neighbors got bitten...and is allergic to the bites....his little head and chest swelled up. I googled Itch MItes...and there's a lot out there about them...they aren't native to this area....but because of increased shipping and transportation....they've come to live here with us. Here's just one of the posts about Itch Mites:,1,1698587.story?track=rss


Sharon said...

Stop it! You are me itch!

Marnie said...

Ok now I'm all itchy! It's like talking about Lice when someone someone in the school gets it! ARGHHHH!!!

Susan said...

uuugh! I went to the water park at the fair grounds yesterday....sure enough I have a few more bites. not as bad this time thankfully! I still have welts from last week!