Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What I've Learned From My Friends........

This may be a long post.....cause I've learned a lot from the wonderful people I know...and some stuff from some "Not so wonderful" people too. Let's take care of the "Not so wonderful" stuff first....
I've learned that just because you want someone to be your best friend...it doesn't always work out that way.
I've learned that when a friendship falls apart...it leaves an empty space in your heart...and can make you shy away from making new friends.
I've learned that you shouldn't EVER take a friendship for granted...a good friend is worth making an effort for.
I've learned that I don't always know what someone thinks about me....it's unnerving...but unless I learn to read minds...I better get over it and believe they like me.
I've learned that each person that comes through your life, good or bad, teaches you something that you need to learn.
Now let's get to the good stuff.......
I've learned that a good friend will talk on the phone with you...and make you laugh until you can't breathe....until the wee hours of the morning ( Even though she has to be up, awake and functioning... early that same morning. )
I've learned that when your husband is sick and you're sitting in the hospital parking lot crying on the phone to your friends that they'll make you feel good by saying "We'll come and get you!".
I've learned that a good friend will push you when you need it....(Sometimes I need more of a "Kick" than a push.....).
A good friend will teach you that creativity is everywhere around you...when you think you can't come up with one more idea.
I've watched friends whose lives have just taken a bad turn....and admired their courage and quiet strength.
I've watched friends do things they didn't want to do....just because it was the right thing to do.
I've watched friends do incredibly hard things to accomplish something that was really important to them.
I've watched my friends deal with serious problems using persistance, determination, love and humor.
Friends will call you on the phone together just to cheer you up...and leave you a wonderful , funny message on your answering machine that you never want to erase .
Friends are aways with you...maybe not right in front of you...but they're there all the same.
There's a lot more....but all I can think of right now is that I want them around me...in person or in spirit...all the time. I want to learn from them and laugh with them and give them my friendship in return for all they do for me. I have a lot to learn to be as good a friend to them as they are to me....but I'm learning....I'm definitely learning.


Susan said...

wow!!! what an amazing post!!! and YOU are the perfect example of all those wonderful things you said about friends!! (now I need to go dry my eyes)

Paula said...

WOW, well said! This is perfect for a card!

EBBsMum said...

Goodness, I hope you haven't gotten my circle journal yet, because that HAS to be on your page. I will remove all doubt and tell you that I like you TONS, and I want to be the friend you describe!

Rita said...

Dianne, what a fantastic, beautiful post. I think anyone who has you as a friend is an incredibly lucky person! ((big hugs)) Now pass the kleenex...