Saturday, July 14, 2007

Look What Morgan Made For Me!

When Jennifer stopped by my house yesterday before we went to Marnie's Stamp Camp...she brought me a present from Morgan. A beautiful beaded necklace that she made all by herself in my favorite color.... Green!
Jen said that Morgan has been making these for a lot of people lately using a bead craft set...I think she's doing a great job with these necklaces.

...and I wore mine to Marnie's house last night.

Thanks Morgan!!!


Rita said...

It's beautiful...feel free to tell Morgan that green is my favorite color as well! LOL!

Sharon said...

Gorgeous! And we see the talent continuing on for another generation. ;-)

Paula said...

Wow, Morgan is very creative!! Hmm guess that runs in the family.

Susan said...

that is one darn fine necklace!!! LOVE the color too! ; -)

Claudette said...

so much talent in this the necklace!