Saturday, May 12, 2007

Designing Like A Star...Week Five.

The time is going by so quickly.....we're at week five already! I almost didn't get my layout in on time . After a series of weird events in my house on computer pooped out...we got it fixed and my layout got in with just minutes to spare....thank heaven. I had fun doing this one.....the journaling is hard to read so I'll type it out for you here:
This is Filbert our resident neighborhood squirrel. He's persistant and his persistence is inspiring to me (I wish I had half of it) but even as cute as he is...he's also a pest.
After Thanksgiving last year, I made the mistake of tossing the leftover nuts out into the yard for whichever animals found them first. The nuts sat all winter, untouched, until the snow melted and Filbert appeared. I watched him pick up every nut and run to bury it in the still frozen ground. Most of the nuts wound up buried in my flower pots and I'm still picking them out. After finding all the nuts I had thrown in the yard; Fibert started hanging around our deck and peeking in our kitchen thank us? request more nuts? add to the menu? I'm not sure. One day I heard a scratching noise at the open kitchen door and found him hanging upside down on the screen, trying to sniff a cake that I had cooling on the table. We now need to replace the screen...the holes he left are an open invitation to every gnat within miles. Filbert is persistant, and funny, and obviously loves to have his picture taken; but next year after Thanksgiving...I'm making nut bread with the leftover nuts.
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Susan said...

Filbert AND your layout are adorable!! love the buttons with the CC paper!