Thursday, April 12, 2007

Easter's Over.....

No more eggs to hide or color....thank heaven...I'm still finding plastic eggs everywhere. In corners, in the rabbit's cage, in plants, in drawers....I think they're multipying.
Easter was really nice this year. Jen, Eric and the girls came..along with Henry and Frieda (Eric's parents) and my Mom. Matthew called to say that he couldn't come...we all missed him.
The weather was chilly but the girls had a great time hunting eggs outside. They kept eyeing the eggs hanging from ribbons in the trees....hoping that they counted as "Hunting" Eggs too....(They didn't). They got Easter baskets ...(That I almost forgot in the closet) filled with was fun watching them open everything.
After dinner, we let Piper(The Easter Bunny) out of her cage to join the party....everyone enjoyed that. She just assumed that she was the guest of honor and allowed everyone to pet her and make a fuss over her. She liked all the plastic eggs too. Now to pack them all away until next year.

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