Monday, March 5, 2007

Oh Deer....

The last time I saw my vet he mentioned that Petco was having a dog fashion show....I told Marnie...and I met her and the girls there this past Saturday...I got some good pictures of the dogs dressed up and also some of Abbigayle, Emily and Marnie. Going home I drove down Central Road and was lucky enough to see some deer standing on the side of the road. I pulled over slowly (No cars behind me) and groped for my camera. The first two deer left before I could 1. Find my camera 2. Turn it on 3. Point it at the deer 4. Get the window down cause it was too dirty to see through it. I spotted another deer up a little further on the I tried it again. This deer was a little less intimidated by me, my car and my camera...and stood at the side of the road for quite a few minutes while I went through my frantic camera routine. I didn't get the great shot I could have...but I did get one picture of the deer as he disgustedly walked away. It's not a perfect can see the top of my car window...but I loved being that close.

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