Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Jim had another doctor's appointment today....it seems that they've finally identified whatever it is that's had him home sick for the last 3 months and just plain sick for a long time before that. The Dr. said the last tests showed that he has a microorganism growing in his lungs and that it's resistant to the antibiotics that he was taking for so long. The name of the microorganism is...(It's a long one and I'm not sure I'm spelling it right...Dr Pantano wrote it down..but he writes like a doctor) Achromobacter xylosoxidans. This long titled little booger is what's been making my husband so sick....and we're going to eradicate it. It may take a while for it to go away; but it took a long time to make itself at home in Jim...so we'll need some time to get rid of it. He'll still have a problem with his lungs (Bronciectasis) but we're hoping that he can have more of a normal life once the bug is gone.
What a difference a week makes! Last week at Jim's appointment...I just sat there and couldn't stop crying (...it seemed like nothing was being done and he wasn't responding to anything that they were doing....over 15 different drugs...antibiotics, steroids....a week in the hospital...months at home) This week...maybe there's a light at the end of the tunnel...maybe. I'm hoping.

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