Saturday, February 24, 2007

I need to take my own advice...

It's miserable outside...sleet, snow, wind....I spent a long time today curled up in front of the computer...looking at layouts and being totally amazed at the talent in the scrapbooking world. It's funny, sometimes seeing all the beautiful work out there gives me ideas and makes me want to work harder to make my layouts better; but sometimes the layouts I see are so creative and wonderful...that it intimidates me into not doing anything at all. Silly? Sure...but it keeps happening until I tell myself to knock it off and start creating some layouts that"I" like...not for anyone else's approval...just for me. Good advice....I hope I take it. In the meantime...I'm going back to look at Kelly Goree's blog.....I love her layouts...when I grow up...I want to do layouts that have the same impact that hers do!
PS I did finish one layout today that I like....Andie's Wish.

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